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Foto Showdown

Foto Showdown

2009  RPG - Nintendo DSi
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Foto Showdown - Wikipedia Foto Showdown, known in Japan as Monster Finder (モンスターファインダ?), is a turn-based action role-playing video game made exclusively for the Nintendo DSi. It was released in Japan on November 19, 2009 and i ...   more on Wikipedia

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Action adventure RPG Shooter Racing Platform Strategy Fighting Simulation puzzle MMORPG Music Arcade Fantasy Eroge Sports game Visual novel Survival horror Third-person shooter First-person shooter

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Microsoft Windows Sony PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 Sony PlayStation 3 Sony PlayStation iOS Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Mac OS X Amiga Super NES PlayStation Portable Xbox GBA Nintendo Entertainment System Sego MegaDrive Android GameCube GNU/Linux Game Boy Saturn PlayStation Vita Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 64 Sega Dreamcast Game Boy Color Sony PlayStation 4 Wii U Sega Master System Sega Game Gear

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Dungeon Siege

Dungeon Siege

2002  RPG - Mac OS X Microsoft Windows - multiplayer  
Dungeon Siege Steam Key GLOBAL is a game released on 2002-04-05. Published by Square Enix.
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Dungeon Siege - Wikipedia Dungeon Siege is a role-playing video game developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Chris Taylor (from Total Annihilation) showed Dungeon Siege years in production for the first time at E3 2000. The game was released in ...   more on Wikipedia


1991  RPG - Sego MegaDrive - Single player  
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Rent-A-Hero - Wikipedia Rent-A-Hero is an action role-playing video game series released by Sega for the Mega Drive console in 1991 with a large emphasis on humor. The game features the same graphic engine previously used in the development of Sword of Vermilion. However, R ...   more on Wikipedia
Titan Quest

Titan Quest

2006  RPG - Microsoft Windows - multiplayer  
Titan Quest XBOX LIVE Key UNITED STATES is a game released on 2018-03-20. Published by THQ Nordic.
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Titan Quest - Wikipedia Titan Quest is an action role playing hack and slash video game developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. It was released worldwide by THQ on June 26, 2006. The game was released on Steam, along with the expansion Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, on July 17 ...   more on Wikipedia