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Redline Racer

Redline Racer

1998  Racing - Game Boy Color Sega Dreamcast Microsoft Windows - multiplayer  
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Redline Racer - Wikipedia Redline Racer (Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing for the European and North American Dreamcast release, European Game Boy Color release and Microsoft Windows re-release) is a racing game that was developed by Criterion Games and published by Ubisoft for ...   more on Wikipedia
Micro Maniacs

Micro Maniacs

2000  Racing - Sony PlayStation Game Boy Color - multiplayer  
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Micro Maniacs - Wikipedia Micro Maniacs (known as Micro Maniacs Racing in North America and Denku Sekka Micro Runner in Japan) is a racing video game developed by Codemasters for PlayStation and Game Boy Color. It is a spin-off to the popular Micro Machines games, ...   more on Wikipedia
Lego Stunt Rally

Lego Stunt Rally

2000  Racing - Game Boy Color Microsoft Windows - 2 to 4 players  Single player  
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Lego Stunt Rally - Wikipedia Lego Stunt Rally is a Lego-themed racing video game originally released in 2000. The game features a track editor that allows players to build single-player and multiplayer tracks. A PlayStation version of the game was planned, but canceled. ...   more on Wikipedia