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ARMA Tactics

ARMA Tactics

2013  Simulation - Android [1] Nvidia Shield
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ARMA Tactics - Wikipedia ARMA Tactics THD (also known as ARMA TACTICS) is a simulation video game for mobile devices that run iOS and Android, developed by Bohemia Interactive. The game was released on May 2013 for the Nvidia Shield. Unlike the previous Arma games, this is ...   more on Wikipedia

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Action adventure RPG Shooter Racing Platform Strategy Fighting Simulation puzzle MMORPG Music Arcade Fantasy Eroge Sports game Visual novel Survival horror Third-person shooter First-person shooter

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Microsoft Windows Sony PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 Sony PlayStation 3 Sony PlayStation iOS Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Mac OS X Amiga Super NES PlayStation Portable Xbox GBA Nintendo Entertainment System Sego MegaDrive Android GameCube GNU/Linux Game Boy Saturn PlayStation Vita Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 64 Sega Dreamcast Game Boy Color Sony PlayStation 4 Wii U Sega Master System Sega Game Gear

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Iron Sky: Invasion

Iron Sky: Invasion

2012  Simulation - Android Mac OS X Xbox 360 Microsoft Windows Sony PlayStation 3
Iron Sky: Invasion is an action strategy game developed by Reality Pump. In the near future, the Nazis are back from behind the moon, and they are as fierce as ever! A handful of brave pilots have stepped forth to protect the Earth. Play as one of the legendary pilots and stop the Nazis from invading and destroying everything that you hold dear. There are no missions leading to a conclusion, it’s an open-world setting where only you yourself can create the story worthy of telling. The Fourth Reich’s fleet is closing in, it’s your time to shine!
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Iron Sky: Invasion - Wikipedia Iron Sky: Invasion is an official video game expansion of the 2012 Finnish science fiction comedy Iron Sky. The game is developed by Reality Pump Studios, and is published by TopWare Interactive. ...   more on Wikipedia
Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

2010  Simulation - Android iOS Microsoft Windows - Single player  
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Game Dev Story - Wikipedia Game Dev Story is a simulation video game developed and published by Kairosoft for the iOS and Android operating systems. It was released on October 9, 2010. The game follows a player-controlled video game company and its attempts to expand into a sa ...   more on Wikipedia