4 of the best adventure games from the past decade

The best adventure games of the pase decade

Adventure games as a genre is almost as old as gaming itself. The good ones blend engrossing stories and engaging puzzles together in a fun, and incredibly stimulating package. This past decade has proven that the spirit of adventure games is alive and thriving, as the gaming industry was treated to several unforgettable experiences.

This list will be touching on some of the best adventure games from the past ten years or so. They won't be in any particular order, as some of the games vary quite widely from their story and themes, and gameplay.

King's Quest (2015)

King's Quest video game cover

A faithful episodic (you're gonna see this word a lot) reboot of the original series, King's Quest 2015 is a light-hearted, and whimsical experience through and through. The story follows King Graham, as he recounts his crazy and endearing adventures to his granddaughter Gwendolyn.

You'll find yourself charmed by not only the characters, but the world in which they inhabit. The fun and sometimes serious tone of the game is reflected through the beautiful art style, the fun puzzles, and great voice acting.

Some episodes are better than others, but they all possess the whimsy and charm that will have you laughing all the way to journey's end.

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The Walking Dead (2012)

The Walking Dead (2012) video game cover

You've probably already heard about this title, as it's critically acclaimed. The Walking Dead takes the notion that adventure games are just edutainment for children, and feeds them to a ravenous horde of walkers.

Quite possibly the most mature game on this list, the story follows soon to be convict Lee, as he comes across a resourceful little girl named Clementine.

Together, they brave the zombie filled world as they try to survive, meeting others along the way. The writing is phenomenal, as you will very easily fall in love and hate some of the characters.

You make very heavy choices that dictates how the story goes, often times being near impossible to make objectively good decisions. The game truly shines with the heartwarming relationship between Lee and the adorably written Clementine.

The story only gets better and better as the episodes progress, culminating in an emotional, masterfully executed finale that has driven many gamers to tears.

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Detroit: Become Human (2018)

Developed by Quantum Dream, Detroit: Become Human has proven that adventure games are not simply an indie pursuit, as the stunning graphics and high production value provide a movie like experience.

The story takes place in Detroit, fifteen years into the future, where technology has gone into overdrive with the creation of multi-purpose androids created by Cyberlife. Things go awry however, when some of these androids go rogue, abandoning their human masters and begin to exhibit emotion.

Of course, a robot uprising storyline is something we have witnessed many times in media, but Detroit: Become Human delves into the deep facets a story like that can entail, like equality, morals, discrimination, and the fear of the unknown.

Will you put these robots in their place? Or do you see them as sentient beings, born into an unforgiving world? Truly an incredible experience, a testament to the potential of not only adventure games, but video games as a whole.

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Life is Strange (2015)

Life is Strange (2015) video game cover

Life is Strange is quite unlike all the other games on this list. It doesn't take place far into the future, nor in the distant past.

Not in an apocalyptic life threatening scenario either. In fact, Life is Strange takes place in present day Oregon, in the sleepy, idyllic small town of Arcadia Bay. The story follows an 18 year old photography student named Max Caulfield.

So, this sounds like quite the boring plot right? To be truthful, you'd be surprised with where Life is Strange takes it's story. Max witnesses a tragedy unfold, causing her to unlock the power to reverse time.

This time reversing mechanic alone sets Life is Strange apart from almost all the games in this list. They all had choices for you to make, but they relied on your base instinct and snap judgement, enforced by a timer every time a new choice appeared.

Life is Strange goes the opposite, instead relying on careful thought an introspection. The game gives you unlimited time to make important decisions, while also taking it a step further by allowing the player to reverse time once a choice has been made, if they are not happy with the outcome.

Life is Strange is rife with many relaxing moments of reprieve, but is also perfectly balanced with intense scenarios and stealth sequences. If you want a deep story with lovable characters, fun mechanics an truly emotional and tear inducing moments, you' be hard pressed to find a better adventure game than Life is Strange.

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