How to bet on football and always win?

How to bet on football and always win?

Football is a game of millions. Today it is the most popular team sport in the world, in which the goal is to score the ball into the opponent's goal more times than the opposing team does in a set time. Therefore, it is logical that the most popular query about this sport is how to always win at football betting?

Not every online soccer bet is profitable. In order to increase the number of passes of predictions over the number of failures, it is necessary to use strategies for the game.

How to bet on football and always win? Everything is very simple - you need to use existing strategies correctly or create your own. It is important to carefully follow all the rules and then success will surely come.

Effective soccer betting strategies

Before betting on football and always winning, it is important to understand right away that there are simply no 100% strategies and tactics. There is always a place for an event that cannot be foreseen. Favorites can lose to outsiders, and underdogs can become leaders. There are only 2 really working tactics that allow you to succeed not only in betting on football, but in general when making bets on sports events:

  1. Statistical analysis. Only a correct analysis of the upcoming event will allow you to achieve maximum understanding in the outcome of the meeting.
  2. Financial strategies. In order not to drain the bank for several bets, it is very important to distribute it correctly.
Important! Sports betting is not roulette. You cannot earn consistently by placing bets on the “red-black” principle. Only a deep analysis, including a lot of factors, will allow increasing the number of correct forecasts over incorrect ones in order to get a profit (profit).

Analysis and statistics

Correctly conducted analysis - 50% success. The second half of success is a well-chosen financial strategy.

For football betting, there are at least a dozen factors to consider when analyzing the outcome:

  1. Results of personal meetings.
  2. Results of the previous 5-10 games.
  3. The line in the standings and the class of the team.
  4. Fatigue of the players after the last meetings.
  5. Performance in home and away matches.
  6. The professionalism of the head coach.
  7. Teamwork of the team.
  8. Confrontation with top-level teams.
  9. Injury and removal of players.
  10. Games with lower-class teams.
  11. Teams' style of play.
  12. The peculiarity of the chief arbiter and his severity.
Important! Experts also recommend that you follow the media. Often in the news you can find out about the personal life of TOP goalkeepers, forwards, defenders, captains and even coaches. Sometimes divorces or weddings can affect the emotional state of the players.

Ignoring even one factor is the most common beginner's mistake, leading to a wrong prediction. Only an integrated approach will help to correctly determine the situation in the match. Over time, the analysis speed will become so fast that you can apply it directly during the match in live mode.

Analysis of the movement of quotations

In case of a prematch at the TOP of the meeting, quotes can be posted several weeks in advance They will definitely change based on the change in the actions of the players and the coaching staff. Sometimes bookmakers can deliberately set inflated quotes, and just before the start of the game, change them in the opposite direction.

It is important to remember that the majority opinion can often be deceiving, so it is important not to dive headlong into high odds.

Situational analysis

In addition to a long and deep analysis, it is necessary to take into account situational moments:

  1. Head coaches' press conferences.
  2. Comments of footballers.
  3. Up-to-date data on injured players, especially leaders.
  4. The relationship between footballers and coaching staff.
  5. Upcoming transfers.
  6. Up-to-date data on changes in the team.
  7. Football fans' comments on fan forums.

In most cases, information is in the public domain, on the Internet and in the media.

Composition analysis

While the lineups may be kept secret or change at the very last moment, it is imperative to consider the starting lineups and the odds of the teams. Despite team play, individual footballers can greatly influence the outcome.

Experts' opinions

Professional commentators and experts can provide a wealth of useful information that will help you make the most accurate forecast. It is important to take into account only the facts, and not purely personal opinions. You cannot blindly trust experts, because they are people too and are not immune from mistakes.

Attention! In no case should you have favorites among players or teams. Strictly dry calculation and deep analysis without personal sympathies and preferences.

Financial strategies

To learn how to bet on football and always win, it is important to develop your own or use an existing financial strategy. Thanks to this, you can stay in positive territory even with 40% correct predictions.

The main goal of every financial strategy is to keep your bankroll. The bottom line is efficient bank allocation. There are several popular strategies to increase your odds of wagering, even with a failed streak of multiple bets:


One of the most frequently used strategies that is also used in casinos. The bottom line is that after each unsuccessful bet, the next one is doubled in order to level the losses. At a long distance, it cannot be considered effective, because then you will have to have an impressive financial cushion;

Strategy doogle in bets. Strategy Dogon: pros, cons, examples download table rates soft doghon
Martingale (betting system) – Wikipedia

Reverse catch-up.

Bets are placed on opposite markets, for example, first total over to win, then total under to win, etc. A dangerous strategy, because often a team can make long streaks, which leads to serious losses;


The most effective catch-up option, when there is an increase in the amount of the bet if you win and decrease if you lose. The tactic allows you to play for a long time and does not give you the opportunity to quickly lose the entire amount. However, the winnings will also be more modest;

Progressive catch-up.

The essence is based on mathematical progression. For example, the first bet is made for 100 dollars, and each subsequent bet should provide an increase in the bank by 100 dollars. It is recommended to choose totals, however, a long distance can bring financial losses;


Originally developed for casino games, it is often used for sports betting. Despite being less popular in comparison with catch-up, the risks of financial losses are also decreasing. If you lose, you need to increase the bet size by one unit, and if you win, you need to decrease the rate by one unit. Each bettor independently determines the size of 1 unit. It can be 100 or 1000 dollars, based on the size of the bank. The main condition is constancy - you cannot change the amount during the game;

The D'Alembert Betting System - How to Use It - Gambling Sites

Percentage Of The Bank.

Bettor must determine a specific fixed percentage of his amount and constantly bet it. Not from the original amount, but from the remainder, which will constantly change. For example, with a bank of 1000 dollars and a bet amount of 25%, in case of a loss, only 750 dollars will remain and now 25% must be subtracted from it;

Kelly criterion.

The strategy is much more difficult to understand, but with skillful use it shows high efficiency. Tactics directly depend on the quality of the analysis. You can analyze it in more detail using a real example. So, the bank is 10 thousand dollars, and the quotes for the event are 5.00. The forecast for the event gives only 25% of the passage, then it is necessary to substitute the following formula: 0.25 * 5.00 - 1) / (5.00 - 1) = 0.0625. Thus, you need to bet 625 dollars on this event. The main advantage of the strategy is the possibility of losing a smaller amount with each loss. If 10% is bet from the bank, then even 6 unsuccessful bets in a row will leave 48% of the original bank. If you make correct predictions that are at least 10% more accurate than bookmakers with a coefficient of 2.0, then the probability of losing will be only 0.033%. The tactics are designed for a long distance and are more designed not for beginners, but for specialists who have learned to do in-depth analysis;

Kelly criterion – Wikipedia


Flat is one of the most common and simple financial strategies in the world. Initially, you need to determine for yourself the percentage of the bank, the range of quotations and start rates. It is important not to use quotes less than 1.7, as well as to make an extremely accurate forecast. Some use the progressive bank system. In other words, if the bank is increased by 25%, then the rate must be increased by the same percentage;

Fixed Income.

It has several similarities with the previous strategy, however, instead of a fixed bet amount, in this case, the winning amount is fixed. Thus, based on the level of the odds, the amount of the bet also changes. The profit at the time of winning must always be the same amount. The bet should be directly proportional to the expected level of winnings and vice versa, inversely proportional to the quote at which the bet is made. Experts recommend taking no more than 3% or 5% of the bank, but in each case you can change this amount;

Fibonacci numbers.

You can learn more about the strategy on the Internet. The bottom line is that each subsequent number is the sum of the two previous ones: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, etc. Thus, if you bet 100 dollars, then if you win, you will need to bet 200, then 300, then 500. It is only important to determine for yourself the number of steps that you can take. You can count on a positive mathematical expectation if each bet on online football is at odds of 2.62. Experts recommend taking express trains.

Fibonacci Betting System


There are a large number of strategies and tactics, but it is better to test their effectiveness in demo mode, so as not to drain the entire bank before the moment when profits begin to prevail over losses. In any case, the best strategy is deep analysis and proper bank management.

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