PS3 Black And White Screen [Fixed]

How To Fix Your PS3 If It Displays Black And White Content?

When plugging your  Playstation 3 ‌  to your TV, you will most likely have to use the Audio/Video input plugs on the TV, red yellow and white cables that are linked to the PS3 video output.

However, it might happen that when turning on your recent smart TV, the image displayed by your PS3 is Black and White on the TV screen, and this issue might be either linked to a bad condition of the cables, a wrong plug of these cables, or most likely, a wrong choice of TV input.

Let's see below how to solve each of these issues.

How To Fix Your PS3 If It Displays Black And White Content?

If your PS3 displays black and white video games, it is most likely either due to a cable issue, or to a TV input misconfiguration.

PS3 Cables issue

The first issue that can lead your PS3 to display a black and white output image, might be that the cables have not been correctly plugged in to your TV.

Therefore, start by checking the back of your TV, and make sure that they are plugged in the right socket, according to their color code: yellow for video signal, white and red with stereo audio signal.

Also double check that that are clean, plugged all the way in both behind and the TV and in the back of your  Playstation 3 ‌  console, and that they are not damaged.

Video input setting

If your cables are fine and properly plugged, the next issue might simply be choosing the right input signal on your Smart TV.

Open the input source menu of your Smart TV, and check which one is currently being used to display your PS3 video. If the current selection is Component: COMP1, then you should change it to AV AV1.

By switching the input type from component to Audio/Video, you should right away see the colors appear on your TV, and be able to start playing your PS3 games in color!

PS3 color Screen

Now that you have fixed your PS3 Black And White Screen by either checking your cables quality, correctness of plugging, and have switched your TV to the correct input type, you can enjoy all the games from the  PlayStation Network ‌  that you have acquired!

How To Fix PS3 Black And White Video?

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