The 3 best console games of all time - listed

Consoles have been a major part of the gaming community for years upon years. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have made huge contributions in broadening the appeal and influence of gaming as a whole. The PlayStation and Xbox have made it clear that gaming is not merely a pass time for children. They helped distinguish gaming as a totally unique and interactive form of art.

Millions of people have fond memories attached to gaming and their consoles, and it's no wonder why, seeing as the games you can play on them are true showstoppers. They can evoke a whole range of emotions, from joy and fun, to exciting fear, and emotional tear inducing awe as you're engrossed in their stories. To celebrate the next generation of consoles upon us, here are some of the best console games of all time. (So far!)

#1: Bloodborne

Bloodborne - 2015

Releasing in 2015, Bloodborne is quite the rage inducing masterpiece. Beloved by the people who created it, and by almost everyone who has played it, Bloodborne has been a groundbreaking set piece in gaming that perfectly blends addictive combat and the wonder of exploring a grim, and vastly engrossing world. You play as a hunter in the blighted Gothic city of Yharnam, You must end the scourge of beasts at it's very source, lest you never awake from the waking nightmare created from blood.

Though at times it can be difficult, the pure euphoria of conquering challenging bosses through perseverance and skill is sure to always reel you back in. Flooding you with a sense of satisfaction as you progress.

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#2: Halo Reach

Halo: Reach

Halo Reach stands as the highest point in the series. The Halo franchise has always been entwined with the image of Xbox, becoming an icon and a staple.  Halo Reach ‌  features the absolute best in the franchise, combining what everyone loves about the series while tinkering with the formula just enough to keep it fresh and innovative. The weapons feel great and satisfying to use, customization of your spartan feels so strong, deep and personal.

The story as well is truly captivating. You feel for the characters and their struggle, all as it builds to a fantastic and tear inducing conclusion.

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#3: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Bringing you an extremely unique and engrossing world, with a great protagonist and a gripping story. You play as Aloy, a determined woman to become part of her tribe after being outcast.

The world you are thrown into is one that combines the past, and the far future. Besides the extremely polished story and world, the gameplay is also fast paced and very fun to control. Aloy's bow and variety of different weapons is very satisfying to use, as your fling arrows and shrapnel at giant metal monstrosities and bandits. The journey does not end there, as you come upon the mystery of how the world came to be the way it is in the first place, as you unlock the past's deepest secrets.

Stunning graphics, amazing story, and fun gameplay, there's no wonder why this is considered to be one of the best exclusive console games of all time.

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The best console games of all time

The list of the  best console games of all time ‌  can vary a lot, and depends on personal taste.

However, for the reasons explained above, the console games listed each are a unique experience that you will hardly regret - try these video games if you haven't tried them yet!

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