Video gaming through emotions: best videogames of all time

Video games are of great importance to people, along with cinema and other entertainment. They help people learn something new for themselves, relax and have fun and just give a lot of positive emotions.

The definition is that Video Games are a special computer program or electronic device that implements the game process.

Who doesn’t love playing video games? There are some exciting and bursting with thrill and suspense and then there are some that can be relaxing and help you chill all day long. From a personal stand point I’ll give you my favorite top five best videogames of all time and the emotions they give me.

#1: The Sims

The Sims 4

My All time favorite video game is none other than The Sims. I straight up adore that game. It gives me relaxing vibes and it is where I spend most of my free time.  The Sims   if you didn’t know is basically a virtual reality game and you can create your own person and give them traits and personalities and build up your neighborhood. It’s like having your own personal town with jobs, people and fun. You can also do whatever you want within the games guidelines but another than that it’s literally fair game so that is one game to check out you won’t regret it.

#2: Candy Crush

My second favorite video game is candy crush. Candy crush is like a matching puzzle game. Now this game has many different levels and it’s very exciting and it challenges you to beat your own score and even your friends. It can get a little tense but it’s a great stress reliever and it’ll get your mind off of a few things for a good period of time.

#3: WWE games

WWE Immortals mobile game

My third favorite video game is WWE. I like this game a lot. It’s extremely exciting and it gives off exhilarating vibes and you will not want to stop playing. Don’t try the moves on your friends.

#4: NBA 2K games

NBA 2K15

My fourth favorite video game is the basketball games. I like playing 2k because it helps me keep my enjoyment for sports at a good level. It’s also the competitive type of game that will make you keep playing until you get better and better and you can also challenge your friends and show off how you’re the G.O.A.T.

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#5: Call Of Duty games

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

My last but not least favorite video game is call of duty. I like  Call Of Duty   just for the fun of having a gun. Now I’m not some crazy psycho that loves to shoot guns but it’s just the thrill of the game that keeps me literally on the edge of my seat.

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Top Five Video Games of all time

Playing video games are really great. They help you get your mind off of the craziness in the world and causes you to get lost in the wonderful world of gaming.

My top five video games are just the games that make me want to feel whatever emotion I desire to feel at the time. You should look into some of them and I highly recommend  The Sims   of course but really it’s up to you to see what types of games get you going. Whether you want to feel excited, relaxed or even tense with thrills you have to try out different games until you get that emotion you’re looking for.

I know a game that makes me feel tense with thrill in a good way and those are the post apocalyptic games with the zombies that come out of nowhere. Those best videogames of all time will definitely have you freaking out but if you enjoy the feeling and games like that by all means have at it because at the end of the day it’s your life and you deserve to enjoy it how you would like. Keep gaming my friends.

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